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  • Adult Child Infant
    STANDARD 25.00€ - -
    PREMIUM 35.00€ - -
    VIP 50.00€ - -
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Seating options


Grab the best seats in the house and immediate admission to our VIP area as part of the ultimate Gringos experience - be right in the middle of the action and interact with our cast members as a true VIP.

  • Bingo Booklet & Pen
  • Best Seating Available
  • Immediate VIP Entrance
  • VIP Welcome
  • Dedicated VIP Box Office Pick-Up Window


    Get closer to the action and get in quicker avoiding the standard queue with our Fast-Tracked entrance ticket, so that you are nearer the confetti, dance-offs and party that Gringos truly brings:

    • Bingo Booklet & Pen
    • More preferential seating
    • Fast-Tracked Entrance


    Our standard ticket includes entrance to the show, your bingo booklet and pen on arrival, and no seat is more than 15m from the stage, so enjoy the atmosphere wherever you decide to sit.

    • Bingo Booklet & Pen
    • Seat no further than 15m